Monday, March 1, 2010

"Jeanne d'Arc " for Sydney

(Peats Ridge, Australia, a 'bicycle-helmet-law' land - though notwithstanding the legislation no helmets can be found here!!!)

Go, Clover!!!! - but yet again I'm curious to know where the ABC stands on the issue of utility cycling.

Brendan Trembath, the Radio National reporter for this particular "PM" segment 'reported' in all seriousness that:

'governments around the country and around the world are building more bike paths to help reduce pollution and encourage healthier living - but many of the paths encroach on the traditional territory of cars and trucks'

...aaaahhhh no! that won't do!!!!!!!

...but truly, ABC, were these really your sentiments? Your report verged on ridiculous as you comforted the 'outraged motorist' who called you on her mobile phone whilst she was driving home through Sydney's streets:

BT: So you think it was pre-determined? They were going to put this cycleway through no matter what?

'Outraged Motorist': No matter what. They were just going through the motions and covering themselves basically.

We're talking about putting in a cycleway here! - not a freeway or a motorway!...a cycleway!

What a scandal! How dare they!



  1. There are too many Cars and Trucks on the Road. Cities and Towns and Villages are for People not Cars. Car Access to the City must be controlled and Curtailed as much as possible. This means Narrowing the Roads and bringing the Speeds of the Motor Vehicle down to 30KPH at least also put in Ramps or Humps to make them slow down.

    There are too many People who are Obese and have Type 2 Diabetes. The easiest way to provide more Exercise for them is to get them to take up Cycling. The only way they will make Cycling Popular is to make it safer to Cycle and get away from the Helmet and Lycra Image and Hi Viz Vest for Urban Utility Cycling. If it appears unsafe less and less People will Cycle,this has Happened in Australia . with the Dangerous Speeding of the Motorist and lack of Respect for the Safety of the Cyclist and a Bad Infrastructure for Cycling. The only way to promote Cycling is to Copy the European Best Practice of Safe Wide Dedicated Cycle Lanes giving Parity to Cyclists at Junctions.

    Also what about the Pedestrians they could do with more Pedestrian Zones with Traffic Banned and longer Intervals on Green for Pedestrians.

    Car Drivers should leave their Cars outside the City Limits and Commute by Train Bus or Tram into the City or better still leave the Car at Home and use a Bike or use Public Bike Share .

    The more Vehicles there are on the Road the more of a demand from the Motorists for Motorways until the Roads get Blocked up again Canceling out any improvements so the Domination of the Car must be stopped.

    Also I do not agree with Juggernaut Lorries being allowed Drive through Cities they should be Banned except on Rare occasions with Permit only in the Early Morning for a Limited time.

    Big Business Interests are always moaning and groaning and also the Car Lobby,they like to Dictate to everybody else and do not like it if someone wants to stop their Proliferation of Domination of the Road.

    The Pedestrians Cyclists Blind Disabled and Childrens Organisation's should Scream for the Retension of this Cycleway and also for more Street Calming.

  2. l'homme au velo, i couldn't agree with you more! - thank you for your post