Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Open Blogpost: PM Abbott & Premier Barnett, stop forced closures of Aboriginal communities

Dear Tony and Colin,

You are wrong and you know you are.

Remote aboriginal communities do not exist as a result of lifestyle choices and you are not kidding anyone by your 'bare-faced-greedy' lie.

Australians can see the 'bare-faced-greedy' land grab that this political manoeuvre is.

Clearly your rich bosses have sent you out to do their bidding yet again.

And your plans for after resumption of aforementioned community land (land btw that does not belong to you)? ... will that entail mining development by your mining buddies by any chance?

(Photo: Aunty Jenny Munro, Belmore Park, Sydney)

Australian governments have behaved like this since white man came here, but you underestimate Australians this time. We are not going to let you repeat history. In fact with regards to history, most of us just want to consign you to it ... not let you repeat it.

(Photo: Ernie Dingo, Belmore Park, Sydney)

Contrary to what you think, there are many Australians who believe that we are all one under this Australian sun.

(Photo: John Pilger, Belmore Park, Sydney)

Whilst Australian governments have always declared war on indigenous people (and that is clearly still your 'modus operandi), I'd just like to point out that today we are not going to sit quietly on the sidelines and let you get on with your heinous property theft.

You may well have chosen to ignore what was happening last week, but just to keep you posted, thousands of us marched last Friday, May 1, 2015 all over Australia and all over the world.

Yes you have galvanised the world to join forces in showing solidarity for this protest against your wicked and inhumane greed.

Indigenous and non-indigenous people are not going to let you and Big Corpa continue your 'people & planetary' destruction under whatever pretence you care to 'chuck' at us as though we’ve only come down in the last shower.

May I remind the pair of you that you have no mandate to steal - neither of you - so desist immediately.

Your 'business-as-usual' approach is sad and dated but more importantly utterly destructive.

Your intended 'forced closures' of aboriginal communities continue the Australian story of 'aboriginal displacement & genocide.'

Listen, boys, there is no place for your type of politics here in Australia anymore. Aboriginal communities are not yours to purloin with your tricky neo-con ways.

So go tell your Big Corpa masters this message from the people of Australia (indigenous and non-indigenous alike) …


Friday, May 1, 2015

Australian Federal Police

(Indonesian Flag: Myuran's last painting shown to media, ABC News)

Australia, changed forever ...

(RIP Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan)