Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WARNING FROM SYDNEY UNIVERSITY - "Students, kindly note, it is an offence to minimise your carbon footprint!"

Can this really be true, we all cry?

Sadly yes! A student from the Universtiy of Sydney incurred one of these 'bicycle-bullying' messages on her bicycle last week outside the building she was attending lectures in. The 'particular building' in question had no bicycle specific parks but did have a handy railing. She had already checked the closest 'designated bicycle-park' but it was full as is the general case, given that the University just cannot comprehend or compute how many of their students wish to cycle.

Just fathom the mind-set of a department that is so organised with it's warnings.

This card is made from heavy duty plastic and was attached with heavy duty cable ties also made of plastic. Think of the costs of the publising, printing, marketing & waste disposal! How can such costs be justified? Why is the university employing such a marked 'stick' approach rather than an encouraging 'carrot' one?

Time is of the essence; our young ones appreciate this, and we continue to 'clobber' them as we watch their future perish.

Shame on you, Sydney University!


  1. How Utterly Utterly English of Them Petty Piddlin Rules, why dont they put in the Cycle Parking Stands that the People needs.This is a throw back to Victoriana,something that you find in England .

  2. utterly utterly pathetic - university policy is so hard to comprehend!

  3. Last year I locked my bike to a pole on Usyd campus because all the bike racks were full outside the building I was going into and there were no others in the vicinity. An hour later I came out to find that my bike had gone! All that was left was the above "warning label". Slightly ironic; a warning label when they had already used bolt cutters to break my lock and remove my bike. It took me an hour (plus $50 was spent on a new lock) to retrieve it.

    Apparently as I am not an expert in OH&S and thus am under qualified to identify suitable places to secure my bike, I was putting myself and others at risk.

    However it must be noted that this is the policy of the University of Sydney Security. Meanwhile the student union is exploring avenues to install a 'velib'-esque system to help students get between class and lectures. As the campus is private property, helmet laws don't apply and thus this obstacle towards enabling more people to enjoy the freedom of bike riding is non existent.

  4. policy! policy! policy!

    The Australian Road Rules apply to roadways on the University of Sydney, leaving the lawns free to do what you like! ...and more specifically...

    - "University of Sydney policy" states that helmets must be worn on bicycles


    - "University of Western Sydney" states that bicycle helmets must not be worn in exams

  5. bureaucracy gone mad. I'm tempted to lock up my bike there with a couple of kryptonite NY locks. see how they handle that with their bolt cutters.

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