Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Adelaide day in court postponed four months

My Adelaide court date last week was vacated because the 'informant' (policeman) was otherwise engaged.
Hmmm, you know I've noticed a bit of a recurring theme with 'informants' over the last couple of years; they're pretty keen to book me but when it comes to turning up at court they'd rather just hand over their statements and leave me to it.
But I figure if they're eager-beaver enough to book me for riding a bicycle without wearing a helmet then they ought to give me the common courtesy of turning up to court to see this dastardly matter through ... or is it not criminally cool enough?
Anyhoo new Adelaide date is now Monday 27 February 2017, unless of course the policeman can't make it!!!! Then in which case don't you think it might be an idea for the prosecution to consider dropping the case!!!!!
I mean it's so incredibly inconvenient for all of us!