Friday, March 26, 2010

Let me show you Melbourne - on a bicycle!

*Bicycle - check!
*Basket - check!
*Bell - check!

First things first: espresso in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Waiting at lights in Church Street, Richmond, viewing rare Melbourne hill ahead

Chapel Street, Prahran, watching out for:
* cars - check - heaps!
* trams - check - none just right now!
* tram tracks - check - ruthless trap for skinny bicycle tyres, & everywhere in Melbourne!

"I love this traffic light" postioned on separate cycleway running parallel to Middle Park Beach

Cars! Cars! and more Cars!, Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Through the yellow barriers, the separate cycleway is squeezed in between the light rail tracks and tram depot near South Melbourne

Glimpse of same separate cycleway taken from the light-rail tracks looking towards the City

City from Southbank

Rendez-vous at Riverland Bar just below Federation Square - à votre santé!!

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