Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye...!

(a little bit of Copenhagen, at home in my shed - a completely 'bicycle-helmet-free-zone', always!)

'Two more sleeps' and I'll be in the District Court raising necessity as a defence to my criminal conviction of riding a bicycle without wearing a helmet!

Here in 'down-world' Australia, we have no bill of rights, or human rights charter, or in fact any clearly defined civil liberties provisions whatsoever. We contribute to world pollution as if there's no tomorrow, and we object strongly when slightly green measures are introduced to mitigate our outrageous carbon behaviour. We refuse to acknowledge our climate-change responsibilities, and seem intent on polluting indefinitely. Climate change has expanded the question of survival, with our diminishing coastlines, dust storms and dying rivers. Notwithstanding we have the perfect climate for cycling and some beautiful cities for cycling in as well, but we have helmet laws...and very few leaders who possess political will.

My cycling conduct is a question of my survival, and I can't do it with a helmet attached to my head. As far as I perceive it, they're dangerous, and even if you don't think they are, you, as a reasonable person, would have to agree, upon the facts provided over the past few months, that you can perceive why I have my belief!

Therefore, everybody, I believe it's necessary for me not to wear a helmet when cycling in order to avert catastrophic consequences that might happen to me and the planet...

...what are my chances? - I'll let you know on Friday!!!...wish me luck!!!!!


  1. Hi Sue. In Israel they brought in Helmet Laws some Years ago but had to get rid of them when they brought in Bike Share Public Bike Hire,it would not have worked.This applies only in the Cities.

    I hope your Stance makes People sit up and take notice and stop shilly shallying around and actually do something. I would like to know where the Cycling Organisations in Aus feel about this are you getting any support there or are they like all the Sheep in Australia just sit there contentedly Following Orders in their Helmets and Lycra and only Saunter out on Sportive Bikes at the Weekend.

    I wish you all the Best and hope you can change their point of View to make Social Cycling Acceptable in Australia Sans Le Helmet, Bonne Resulte et Bonne Chance. Dublin Ireland.

  2. Good luck Sue. I will be thinking of you.


    Dr Paul Martin

    - oh... and don't feed that troll ;)

  3. thanks, guys, i'll keep you posted!

  4. All the very best Sue.

  5. Good luck Sue, thinking of you and sending you my best wishes for the hearing! Go get 'em!

    Always remember; you are part of the solution, not part of the problem!


  6. Well done Sue, and enjoy your day in court :)

    If the disaster of a mandatory helmet law ever came to pass here in England, tens of thousands of us would follow your inspiring example. (I think that's why it's not going to happen!)

    Trevor Parsons
    London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

  7. thank you, edward, mark & trevor - and an extra 'PS' to the english boys!!! don't EVER let it happen in your country!!