Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Punk Commute' update

(Photos: Paul Martin & Mike Rubbo)

Date for your diary:

Punk Commute...
Friday 20th May 2011 at 12 noon

Join us on your bicycles at Sydney Town Hall steps before we 'mosey-on down' to Parliament House (details on Facebook)

...our rules, our democracy

Everyone welcome, whatever your...

* bike choice

* headwear choice

* clothing choice

...the more of us the merrier as we enjoy our roads to cycling freedom!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Good-Ship BicycleHelmetLaw

Classic...just a matter of time before Aussie politicians cease straightening deck-chairs here!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance

As a resident of New South Wales and a citizen of Australia, it is my responsibility to participate fully in our democracy.

Since the laws of Australia are made in my name, it's absolutely essential that I hold my government to account in a bid to protect my freedoms and liberties, (and yours as well).

So when they are abused, with-held and/or removed, I will always petition my government for a 'redress of a grievance' - and I ought to be allowed to do this.

Notwithstanding how it all 'ought to be', I am deeply disappointed by my government's inaction in relation to mandatory bicycle helmet laws and I am equally disappointed at their lame attempts to dodge my engagement in acts of good citizenship.

But I will never give up or ever let anything through to the keeper because I know, as we all do, that 'eternal vigilance' is the price we pay for liberty...

...and Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, you're my hero.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm enveloped in an aura somewhat reminiscent of Groundhog Day!!

According to phone call I have just retrieved from my mobile, the gorgeous police from yesterday have decided to book me after all - & to that effect, my infringement ticket is in the post & winging its way to my 'daisy-painted' post box at the top of the drive!

'Whoop-de-do', 'here we go again', let the 'hustle & bustle' begin!!


1. dust off old subs
2. find some new ones for curial interest!
3. write to:
- (i) ACCC & complain about 'safety-washing'
- (ii) Minister Borger, transport 'pooh-bah' till March, & complain about 'state negligence'
- (iii) The Hon. George Souris, my local member, & check what he's going to do for me
4. ring ABC & chat to Mike Pritchard (he's been busting to know how everything's progressing - now's the time to tell him!!!)
5. dry-clean suit

...and last but not least, logistically speaking, keep you all constantly posted!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

'POST-REASON' - what makes Australians think we're so right?

You have to feel sorry for our 'Aussie' police who are at the coal-face of our ridiculous bicycle helmet laws!

I certainly did today when 2 extremely polite policemen stopped me in relation to my helmetless state on my bicycle whilst I was cycling home with the groceries.

The 3 of us conducted an in-depth conversation on the side of the road which evolved into a really useful 'round-table-brain-storming' discussion as to what we all could do to help me with my quest for freedom of choice. 'Booking me' was a suggestion which we were all agreed upon, but in the end we finally left it that they'll be back in touch after they get some legal advice...

...and on that note, we shook hands amicably and went our separate ways, with me promising to give them a couple of secs before hopping back on my bike in order for them to do a U-turn and disappear.

Yet again it struck me how ridiculous & costly this unsubstantiated law has been, and yet again it struck me how irresponsible our politicians have been to leave their flawed & contradictory mess to these overworked guys.

When will this nation grow up?

When will Australians take responsibility for ourselves?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Punk Commute" - our democracy, our rules!

Always love watching this study (thank you, LSS! x)

- in fact so much so I think I'll send it to my local member, the Hon. George Souris MP, to assist him with the collection of necessary data to enable him to take a political stand to oversee the abandonment of mandatory bicycle helmet laws - actually, come to think of it, maybe I have already, can't remember - no matter! you can never watch this clip too much anyway! - chillingly & hilariously your heart out, Alfred Hitchcock!!!

Oh! & just before you go...

...keep the 20th May free for the "Punk Commute" in Sydney - more 'detailed' details to come over the next few weeks!!!

Remember: - our democracy, our rules; so join us on the "Punk Commute" if you can - funtimes ha! ha! ha!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cars no longer vehicle of choice for young Australians

Out of the mouths of babes...

...according to the Fairfax press today, a significant proportion of young Australians have acknowledged that using the road with a motor vehicle has significant and detrimental effects upon the environment so much so that they would prefer to use the road in an alternative manner and are actively doing so already.

Unsurprisingly, the car companies are having kittens!!!!!

"But wait-up there, Mr & Mrs Motor-Vehicle execs, it doesn't make sense for anyone whether they be car companies or politicians to spend millions of dollars trying to get ‘creative to win back the younger generation’"

Not for the first time, the ‘young’ are showing us the way forward in true leadership fashion.

Let's take a leaf out of their book and follow it...

...our true leaders - love it & love them!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watch out! Watch out! - there's a bicycle helmet law about!

'Danger-mongering' equates to 'disease-mongering', and you can always count on there being a gullible politician to ensure safe passage of your ludicrously revenue-raising initiative, that’s for sure!!...

...but for those of us who don't subscribe to the 'necessity-of-helmet-law' mantra, the ever-broadening parameters & tentacles of helmet manufacturers underpinned by their modus operandi should concern us all.

Meanwhile back in the land of ‘Helmet-law’, I continue to float after Saskia in an arty bubble of bicycles & paintings – bliss! x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cycling - all the way to GBK

I've 'touched-down' in Sydney; and not a moment too soon...I'm just in time for a 'touch of art'!!

FUNTIMES!! - always a pleasure following Saskia around, and lovely to meet Gilbert of ARTcycle fame - so make sure you check for a gallery near you - they're 'popping-up' all over the place!!!

However notwithstanding the beauty & serenity that is evident across Sydney as a result, arriving back in 'Helmet-law land' has reminded me yet again that mandatory standards for bicycle helmets make no sense - in part due to two elements:

1st element - a cyclist must exhibit compliance by wearing a helmet

2nd element - a helmet must exhibit compliance by complying with the standard

...therefore anyone riding a bicycle ought to be stopped in order for their helmet to be inspected - after all just because you're wearing a helmet doesn't automatically make you compliant & law abiding...

...imagine - there could be dozens of law-breakers out there!!!

'Checkpoint Helmet' would be just the ticket; literally!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Equity must prevail - cease persecution of cyclists

My mind has been doing 'overtime' since (& whilst) I've been away, and when I get back to Australia we really have to get rid of 'mandatory helmet laws' once and for all!!! - no kidding, we just have to!

"How to address the problem and put it to bed?"
* get booked again
* write to the ACCC as the 'misled & deceived' consumer that I am
* check implications for SAI as manufacturer of unsubstantiated helmet standard
* fight 'Corporate-land' on safety-washing tactics similar to 'green-washing' ones
* research any assistance 'Tort Law' might offer me
* ie...does NSW government have a duty of care to me?
* revisit 'Criminal Law'
* maybe start organising a few fruit parcels!!!

2011 has to be the year - this madness cannot continue...


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 2 of the 'Boris-bikes' adventure

We still haven't quite cracked a seemless Borisbike dispensing process!!!! - but we did gather solace from the fact that it isn't just us!!!!

Plenty of puzzled tourists were patiently mystified today, some clutching 'borisbike' keys and others credit cards, & plenty of Borisbike machines were either without the paper, necessary for issuing the docking release code, or patently disliked Australian plastic money! - groan!

Notwithstanding, our party was the patiently determined type and we eventually got the five bikes we needed to transport us from Hyde Park Corner to Euston Station, Tottenham Court Road and the 'Northumberland Arms' - well worth it!!!...& the following pub grub was even more worth it...

...ahhhh London! - you're where it's all happening!!