Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Registered Post - "person-to-person"

A 'further copy' of my application for helmet exemption was despatched today, St Patrick's Day, to the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA).

Notwithstanding 'last week's copy' of my application arriving at Head Office (thank you, 'Registered Post', for this data), the Bicycle Unit had not received it when I spoke with the RTA yesterday afternoon.

In view of this experience and when faced with this 2nd 'posting' effort, I availed myself of a marvellous Australia Post facility - the 'person-to-person' delivery!! This means that Mr Bushby, the Chief Executive Officer of the Roads & Traffic Authority, will have to sign for my application himself when it arrives in North Sydney - this time he cannot fail to get it!

...let's hope he's not overseas!!

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