Thursday, September 11, 2014

Be careful riding bikes & off to war with you

(City To Surf 2014 revellers, Newtown)

If we can afford to send our women and men to war then we can afford to lighten up with bicycle helmet laws because even Dunc can't argue that Australia's all about protecting its citizens when you consider the latest directive from TeamAustralia's Chief.

Seriously once we start despatching troops to kill and be killed, Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S) is exposed for the smoke and mirrors exercise that it is.

After all, how can deliberately sending the nation's citizens to war and deliberately putting them in the way of harm fit with the normal safety-paranoid parameters of a nation that holds bicycle helmet law so dear to its heart?

In my opinion, the wanton killing of others & our own is dangerous and ought to be a crime ...

... not the 'not-wearing-a-bicycle-helmet' when sitting on a bicycle.

Shame on you, Australian politicians, and just remember ... you do not send our children to their potential deaths and destruction in my name.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

And can your city do this?

(Image: Mike Rubbo's wonderful 2009 'Waltz of the Bikes, YouTube)

Oh, Amsterdam, no we certainly cannot ...

... not with the Right Honourable Mr Duncan Gay MLC at the helm of our roads ...sigh

... and many apologies for repeat posting this YouTube clip of Al Jazeera's interview with our Ridiculous Road Pooh-Bah ...

... it's just I want you to really really really get a handle on what we have to put up with Down Under.

Oh, Amsterdam ... sigh