Friday, March 12, 2010

"Copenhagenizing" Sydney - it's started!!!!!'s happening!!!...look!!!...the promise lanes & connections near Harris Street

...bicycle traffic lights in Bourke Street crossing over Cleveland Street - NOTE work has started on new separate cycleway)

...the 'embryonic' separate cycleway
...bicycle racks in Norton Street


  1. It's wonderful to see progress happening "down there" and all over the world. It makes me very happy!

  2. I like it,they look great about time too. If they want it to be safe for Cyclists to travel in Comfort without constantly looking over their Shoulder then they have to take more space away from the Cars.

  3. This is very good news. We have only two "Copenhagen" lanes in Adelaide so far (Sturt Street and Frome Road). Motorists have already begun to complain about the Sturt Street lane but I am hoping it will be ignored and more will be built.

  4. yes! our lord mayor has been amazingly single-minded despite the vociferous bleating from motorists - long may her reign continue!!!! - and hopefully somewhere along the line we'll get rid of mandatory helmet laws too!!