Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Melbourne - the Yarra River Trail

Melbourne tram in Swanston Street on the way to Federation Square and the Yarra River Trail (eat your heart out, Sydney!)

Swanston Street, Melbourne

...on the Yarra River trail heading towards Abbottsford Convent, looking back towards the city

Bridge over the River Yarra

Designated cycleway #1

Designated cycleway #2

Designated cycleway #3

...every bend is beautiful!

OK, so a little off the beaten track here at the back of Carlton United Brewery! - must have missed a bridge?

...eventually Abbottsford Convent

'Lentil as Anything' at the Abbottsford Convent - & lunchtime!

Studley Park Boathouse just a little further on from Abbottsford Convent

The Australian Bush & the end of our Yarra River Trail (although there is more on the cycle map! - next time!)

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