Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WANTED: Nationwide Rejection of Bicycle Helmet Laws

If a whole bunch of us (like consumers, advocates, and even Australian bicycle organisations) said "NO" to Mandatory Helmet Laws, we would single handedly improve transport in our cities overnight!!!

...and what's more we would turn the 'safety-via-helmet' mantra into the uncertainty it really is and then we'd probably focus on the more important things we need to actually get ourselves from A to B on our bicycles (whatever 'flavour' we choose)

Having dispensed with our debilitating bicycle helmet laws, we'd start with a couple of little niceties:

* well done you, Clover Moore

* don't stop yet!!!

* what can we do to help?

...whilst simultaneously issuing a little warning:

* back in your boxes, oil-hugging troglodytes (you know who you are!)

Of course we would need to make sure that our country never forgot that MHLs are:

* unnecessary

* unwanted

* expensive for the cyclist

...and pose unacceptable risks to:

* human health

* the environment

* the economy

So...what's stopping us?


Sample 'Getting-Rid-of-Bicycle-Helmet-Laws' letter:

Dear State & Federal governments,

Please act unanimously today to remove MHLs from our lives and statute books...and please also consider implementing some form of liability legislation to hold helmet promoters responsible for the damage caused by their helmet protection spin.

After all, dear governments, you owe us this heartfelt request of ours since you have significantly denuded us of our civil liberties with your non-evidenced based policy decision over the past 20 years.

Lots of love,

PS...and just to be really helpful, this could actually be quite a good little 'platform' for one of you to utilise in the run up to any of the elections we're about to have. It's been noted that none of you seem to have any ideas for responsible environmental policy so perhaps this might do for starters!

PPS...slightly off point, but any word on the 'freedom cyclist's' application for helmet exemption? - nearly 5 months since it was first submitted!



What's it to be?

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