Saturday, July 24, 2010

4 court appearances thanks to helmet laws

2 mentions + 1 Local Court defended hearing + 1 District Court appeal = 4 court appearances for me because of Australian helmet laws! sigh

Notwithstanding this curial tally, the courts truly don't want to waste either their time or their precious resources over my matter. In fact they have even gone as far as to ponder on record why unhelmeted cycling is a crime.

However until such time as unhelmeted cycling is removed from the criminal law, I will continue to defend my civil liberties.

When will this national madness cease?


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  1. Wonderful photo Sue! When I lived in Europe I frequently visited and cycled around Paris and truly enjoyed the liberty of not wearing a helmet. The freedom to not wear those silly, inconvenient, band aid solution contraptions will encourage more people to be spontaneous and cycle. The problem is that our nation is too nanny state and doesn't leave much room adults to make decisions of personal responsibility for themselves. The law is meant to protect society from people who cause harm or unnecessary inconvenience to others, and not wearing a helmet does not cause any damage to other people and therefore should not be mandatory!!