Saturday, July 31, 2010

"On Ya Bike Alan Jones"


...and it's moments like these when it's ridculously hard to remain contained & calm...but there's nothing quite like a bit of grass roots broadcasting to counter the outrageous claim that "virtually no cyclists use the cycleways"

Go Josh & Georgia & the Sydney Bike Festival!


  1. Andrew Bolt is on side too. Check out last Friday's Herald Sun:

  2. If perhaps less cyclists use one particular section of cycle way (bourke street for example) it is most likely because the infrastructure has not yet been installed to get the cyclist there! It is great that the government is starting to put more funding into cyclist infrastructure, but to be effective, there has to be far more! Still, the cycle paths are broken up into isolated sections, and many would be cyclists won't get to the bourke street cycle path because there are dangerous sections of road to navigate before you can get there!

    To squash this nonsense being said about bicycle paths not being useful, one has to take a look at a city in which the cycle path has been made priority. I've lived in Munich, Germany for 3 years. The morning traffic is filled with cyclists of all ages safely making their way to work or school, all without polluting emissions. All helping to keep the population more healthy. I'm sure that not only does it keep more pollution out of the air, but it helps to keep people fitter, and out of hospitals, lowering the cost of health insurance and other health related services.

    More funding for cyclists!

  3. Edward: wonders will never cease!! Great article!

    svaens: definitely more funding for cyclists!