Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bicycle helmet exemption languishes in ministerial 'too-hard-basket'

(NSW Parliament House - 'he's in there somewhere')

Moi: "Good afternoon! Just wondering how my exemption application is going?"

Ministry of Roads: "Well if you'd like to give us your number we'll get someone to call you back."

Moi: (of course you will, darling!!!) "You have been telling me that line for months, and truth to tell I'm a little jaded of it now; namely ever does!!"

Ministry of Roads: "Oh OK we will try & see to it that someone from the 'policy section' calls you then."

Moi: (whatever!!) "Thank you. But perhaps the minister will just meet me face-to-face as per my request in the first instance?"

Ministry of Roads: "Oh well, if you wish to meet the Minister you have to send a request in writing via email or letter."

Moi: (AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!) "I've done that hundreds of times as per all your department's numerous requests."

Ministry of Roads: ".............hhhmmmn OK we really will try and get someone from 'policy' to call you back."

======================================= put it simply, I am ill-equipped to deal with departmental logic & protocols...

...thoughts, anyone?


  1. I have no thoughts as to how you should proceed as I am also ill-equipped and I have a temper that can get the best of me.

    I did want you to see this article that I found just today.
    This man was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out riding, 6 miles from home. He had an excellent blog that his friend keeps up and running for him now that he is gone.
    He was against mandatory helmet laws but was not against anyone wearing a helmet. He was for individual choice and I think that's the more intelligent approach.

    I am in Ontario, Canada, where we do not have helmet laws for anyone older than 16, which is a blessing.
    I recently took mine off after seeing Mike's video of you and reading both his and your blogs. I felt like a kid again.
    I ride at night to get home from work and I might limit my helmet wearing to those times.
    Not sure yet.

    Best of Luck to you, Sue! I hope you achieve your right to go helmet free!

  2. Try the "Parliamentary Secretary" they are usually used as a first port of call for ministers

  3. Thanks, Fitcetera, for your kind wishes - unhelmeted cycling is certainly rejuvenating!!!!! Nothing like it!

    Thanks too, Andrew, for your advice but this guy must have so many. I think I've spoken to a different one every time - or maybe they haven't been the Parliamentary Secretary, and just the underlings!!!

    OK so once I've rung his purported direct number should I be asking "hello! please may I speak to Minister David Borger's Parliamentary Secretary?" Eureka! maybe that's it!!!! I'll keep you posted!

  4. Write an email, and send it every morning.
    If you feel like it, write a ton of your letters, and post one every morning....

    Good luck, however you decide to do it.

  5. Keep at it Sue, don't give up, you are doing good work and I am sure it will pay off in the end!

  6. Erin, I like it!!! great ideas

    & Kim, thanks for your encouragement - sometimes I feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall, but like the baby turtles compelled to make the trek to the sea - c'est moi aussi!!!!