Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Australian Oil Culture

The parlous state of our urban transport coupled with our Mandatory Helmet Laws (MHLs) reveal a culture committed to Oil.

Further, MHLs have encouraged frequent use of precious resources & energy in manufacturing & distribution of helmets. Yet we refuse to acknowledge that 'helmet promotion' has tricked us into frivolous consumerism, and that helmets are oil-based products.

If we continuously upgrade this headwear, as encouraged, increased 'emission of wastes' cannot fail to have a detrimental impact on habitat loss, climate change and biodiversity.

Our Oil Culture is an unforgiveable political mess, and one we need to be liberated from.

Bicycles liberated our grannies and grandmas 'transport-wise' and in fact led to some spectacular political decisions - so maybe bicycles can do the same for us again!!!

- let's give it another go, girls - let's grab our transport back, and our roads (they're for sharing after all!!)...and for starters we'll drop the enforced headwear regime!!!

We don't get kitted out like "Grand Prix" drivers for driving so why on earth should we for riding a bicycle?



  2. Anonymous, thanks for your input - an interesting link but really has nothing to do with mandatory helmet laws which is the nub of my quest - I understand that many people like to 'helmet-up' but cannot see why there has to be a law to reinforce their decision - I would be equally cranky if I was forced to ''light-up', which I know is a far more costly habit for the public purse than helmet-ing habits.