Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Civil Rights v Their Protection Joke

(Photos: Querida David, Santa Monica, LA)

* Why are we so willing to trade our precious & hard-won individual civil rights in the name of protection?

* What makes us think when we do this we're protected?

* Why don't we want to run our own lives?

* Why are we so compliant & apathetic?

* Why are we so infantile?

* What's the matter with us?


  1. I'm afraid it's the great 'she'll be right' Aussie apathy. Life is so good here, most people don't really give a rats.As Lou Reed once said, 'stick a fork in their arse, turn em over and they're done'. One thing you have to give the French; they don't take any crap from their government. I'll get off my soap box now~,Ian,Melbourne.

  2. The tree of freedom has been overgrown by the choking vines of protection and equality.

    Thank you for riding without a helmet. Thank you for promoting freedom.