Monday, July 5, 2010

Bicycle Helmet Laws - The Age of Unreason

Mandatory Helmet Laws have been a costly example of government irrationality in which our health has been blindly subverted for 20 years.

This 'wasting of vast sums of public money' has allowed a distortion of public health priorities whilst simultaneously nurturing an unjustified fear of cycling.

Moreover, how has it been ethical to punish me & fellow unhelmeted cyclists for engaging in behaviour that harms no-one?


  1. Love love love this statement! i'm relatively new to cycling in sydney (when i was a kid i was a bit scared of bikes). I've had a bike for a bit more than six months now, i've ridden countless trips around the inner-west and now the CBD too without a helmet. I'm a responsible adult on a low speed, low impact vehicle. If there's any danger of me riding my bicycle on the roads, surely it has to do with all the louder, heavier, far more dangerous cars. Removing that danger then surely has to do with re-educating car drivers in their attitude towards cyclists, not making cyclists wear helmets! I have a blog i've only just started about bike adventures in sydney, and i'll definitely be adding a link to your blog... featherbrigade x.

  2. How lovely to read your comments, Feather Brigade! - totally agree with you!!

    I shall look out for you when I'm cycling around Newtown and environs!!!