Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Climate justice & cycling

Catastrophic climate change has expanded the question of survival, the notion of climate justice, and our global responsibilities.

Climate justice can no longer be ignored.

We must change the fundamental manner in which we inhabit this planet.

This is why I cycle.

...and because of my reasonable belief in the perils of helmets (based on expert opinion), I believe that the act of me riding a bicycle without a helmet underpins the notion of my survival.

Inter alia, our diminishing coastlines, dust storms and dying rivers demand that I cycle whenever and wherever I can in a bid to curtail carbon emissions and to relieve the environment of the destructive elements of my car.

There are no alternatives for me in my transport options. ‘Shank’s Pony’ is not a viable or even possible alternative given that I live some 8km to the west of Scone and routinely transport groceries, luggage & other stuff, all of which would be impossible on foot...and public transport from my place to Scone is non-existent.

The current global zeitgeist clearly demonstrates that not only is utility cycling an achievable start to tackling this issue but it comes with unexpected benefits in terms of health, traffic de-congestion, and tourism.

Therefore I conclude:

* that my unhelmeted conduct is a question of my survival & the planet's survival;

* that I need to cycle in order to reduce carbon emissions & unnecessary car-dependency tendencies;

* that to cycle with a helmet would put me at grave risk.

I respectfully submit, given that the law is fragmented, uncertain and inconsistent, the law ought to be repealed.

I also respectfully submit that I wish someone would listen to me.


  1. Just hearing on the radio here in the UK that the Greens might win you up and coming elections, would this make a difference?

  2. Kim, that would be so fantastic if they did!!! - sadly I don't think it's likely but amazing to think that's been reported in the UK as a likely scenario!!!! - fingers crossed! - and yes it would make a difference!