Friday, July 23, 2010

Australia believes in Holy Helmets - Amen

The idea that helmets provide a 'catch-all' protection for their wearers & believers is little more than an article of faith among honest scientists, and there are many reasons to believe that the methods of Class 1 evidence would be insufficient to prove it.

Yet we are forced by law to wilfully purchase & wear an unnecessary oil-based product:

$ All in the name of faith

$ All in a bid to protect us

...quick little caveat though - if you're a paying passenger in a bicycle taxi none of the above applies - according to government rationale, your $$$s will protect you - clearly??

"Money talks - capitalism rules"!


  1. I have been using this crazy exemption for PAYING passengers in pedicabs as a clear example of how the helmets can't possibly be a serious safety strategy! It always falls on deaf ears.

    How can they trade-off the (non-existant) safety benefits of helmets for profit...? Welcome to the ugly side of capitalism...

    I remember seeing an interesting documentary (?The Corporation) which looked at 'free speech' in the USA. You can say whatever you like about anybody you like in the USA... unless it is a corporation. Even their governments don't want to 'upset' big business...How sad.

    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

    PS: Some waves being made in Melbourne - make sure to vote on their poll! ;)

  2. I should add that the poll is on The Age's website:

  3. Thanks, Paul! Have fun tomorrow and don't forget to give Mikael a massive hug from me x

  4. Funny how worried they are about people wearing helmets, yet your country is home to I believe ten different species of venomous snakes? Somehow I doubt falling off your bike is gonna be the thing that kills you. =P

    Guess I shouldn't bring it up though, might give them the idea of forcing everyone to walk around in thick knee high boots..