Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gobsmacked - only in Australia!

It defies belief..., John Mahoney is drafting a 'Class Action' against the City of Sydney in a bid to destroy the Bourke Road bi-directional cycleway. Further he has intimated that if successful 'it would create a legal precedent threatening all Sydney's 200 kilometres of extant cycleways or those under construction' - !!!!!

What is the matter with us???

Why don't we get it?

Sydney is congested & car-infested - BUT LUCKILY FOR US & TO OUR RESCUE we have our very own amazing Lord Mayor with vision and a 'roll-up-your-sleeves' approach to problems & solutions.

Notwithstanding, the next thing we know we have some daft 'class action' being threatened (GASP! let's not tell the world - we are fast becoming inexplicable and ridiculous...jeez getting rid of half-decent prime ministers & bikeways - and all in a matter of weeks!!!!!)...

Meanwhile back to our current Australian reality, 'televisions are breeding faster than Australian households' and will only do more so once the "Troglodytes" have got their wretched precedents to destroy all our bikeways...

...bad bad karma! & definitely not good for the figure or heart!!!!


  1. I hope they dont let the Pro Car Nutter John Mahony Dictate to them. They do not seem to have learned anything about the increasing amount of Cars on their Roads and the Diminishing Supply of Petrol.

    The more Cyclist there are the more Room and also Petrol for those left who still wish to continue to Drive. Also all the Unhealthy People in Australia costing a huge amount to the Health Service.

    The more unsafe the Roads are for Cyclists the less will use Bicycles. The only way to provide Safety for Cyclists is to bring in Dedicated Cycle Lanes and Narrow the Roads and bring in 30KM Speed Limits for Cars in Metropolitan Areas.

    Most other Countries in the World are trying to improve the Infrastructure for Cyclists even in the USA, has he not got the Message yet this John Mahony.

  2. All bluff. What is his cause of action? How does he "prove" that business is down 50% and that it is caused by the bikeway?

    This is my favourite line: "Mahoney, who does not ride a bicycle but who knows 'a barrister who does' ".

    Don't take this seriously.

  3. It's totally unbelievable - and in tandem with the shock-jocks too!!! What a country!!!