Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hand-knitted cycling infrastructure

Before I get onto 'knit 1 pearl 1' part of the post, no kidding we were nearly squashed today cycling up Elizabeth Street, near the Strawberry Hills Hotel!

No. 310 (1146) bus should have waited behind us before pulling left into bus-stop - but oh! no! the bus driver was way too impatient for that! He commenced to pass us, then realised he was about to over-shoot his stop, so just blithely merged into bus-stop forcing us into the gutter!!!! (see mini-mud map below of 'our-almost' calamity)

@@@@@@@@@ (bus)
O^O (me) O^O (Georgie)
###======== (bus-stop & kerb)

Utter lunacy - what was he thinking?...was he thinking?

If I was a 'bus-driver' examiner my verdict would be:

"Failed bus driver & one who ought not to be entrusted with 'people moving'"


...but back to 'knit 1 pearl 1'...on a much 'warmer & fuzzier' note, outside "Campos" (home of best coffee in whole wide world!!) there is a pole with handknitted pole cover!!! It's a cosy looking pole, giving off good vibes, in fact really thoughtful vibes! (the antithesis to those of aforementioned bus-driver!!)

...classic handknitted cycling infrastructure!

I loved tying my bike up to it - it felt so loving and friendly!

If I was a 'city-examiner' my verdict would be:

"Sublime Sydney; home of the best coffee & cosiest bicycle poles"

...but still the worst bus drivers!


  1. Hey Sue, this is the same person as 'Feather Brigade', i commented a few posts back about helmet laws (I've just had a bit of a name change). Is that your 'Tree of Life' amsterdam in the picture? If it is, then great minds think alike, that model Electra is my bike also... so nice to see such an attractive bike out and about! (head over to to see my bike if you have a spare moment) And sorry to hear about such a jerk bus driver. J.

  2. He broke the Law by Cutting you off,they need Compulsory Cycle Training before they are allowed to drive a Bus or get their Licence you should tell the Mayor. They are calling for this to be brought in for all Drivers in most of Europe especially Bus and Truck Drivers.

    The Person that put that Pole there must be a Spanish Supporter.

  3. I lock my Electra to this pole regularly when I drop into Campos too! I've knitted a cover for my U lock so I feel like they're friends. And it's nice to know it won't scratch your paint. There's a similar pole around the corner in Longdown St but today it had a couple of pallets leaning against it.

  4. J-bot & Danielle, can't wait to bump into you both on your electras sometime!!! - do you know I'm tempted to knit some pole covers too - love love love them!!!

    l'homme au velo! you're probably right - I hadn't thought about a football connection!! - sadly I won't be bumping into you in the near future on an electra, will I? - shame!!

  5. If you ever make it to Dublin you might see me on an Azor Crossframe black Dutch Bike in the City Centre.

    You can see the Bike on Flicker JPno7 is my Nom De Plume. I have a few Pictures on Say no to Helmet Bullies and also Dublin Cycle Chic, Run by Mikael Colvile Anderson and of course my Blog which is a sort of Bicycle Diary of my Ramblings around The City and Countryside.

  6. I would so LOVE to make it to Dublin!!!!! - definitely one day!!

    - in the meantime I'm checking out your blog & stuff!!!