Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't listen to them, Clover!

(Cartoon: Sydney Morning Herald)
Here we go again!!

Our illustrious Lord Mayor is clearly having a definitive impact on urban transport and the users of 'traditional motorists' territory' because the "Car Brigade" are out in force with their standard manoeuvres:

* belittling
* rubbishing
* pontificating
* pooh-hooing
* fraternising with pretend cyclists (always a goodie!) name it! - their fear is palpable - they are so scared!!!

According to the "Car Brigade" not only is Clover going to 'obliterate traffic' (OH NO!) she's going to 'choke traffic' too!!!!! (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

It's brilliant - I'm so excited!!!

But my most favourite bit of the case for the prosecution is in the closing address where Clover's cycleway network is declared:

"fatally compromised by the reality of a hilly, busy, higgledy-piggledy city with narrow little lanes and too many people who actually have to get places to make a living"

WOW!! amazing! the prosecution has scored an 'own goal' by actually high-lighting the pressing reasons for our Lord Mayor's current transport plan:

* too many people
* higgledy-piggledy city
* narrow little lanes
* need to get places
* need to make a living

Clover, not only are you're gaining ground, you're pulling at least half a canvas already!!

...GO, CLOVER!!!!


  1. Instead of Procrastinating and Rubbishing Cycle Infrastructure they should be preparing for the Day when the Oil Runs out. Not in Ten Years but now,Ban Traffic completely in all the Cities and Towns.It is the only way to get rid of all the Traffic Jams make it Safe for the People.

    Narrow all the Roads in the Cities and put in Dedicated Cycleways from Cities to Cities,and only allow Public Transport through the Cities.

  2. Miranda Devine is a piece of old rope. And always has been. Frankly, I'm amazed the SMH still employs her...

    As for the idea that Sydney has narrow higgledy piggledly roads: ha! Don't make me laugh! Have these people been to Oxford St recently? It's about half a mile wide! The only thing that Sydney doesn't have enough of to bring about a bicycle revolution is the balls to get out there and do it. Clover does, so she gets my vote all the way. Go Clover!

  3. Thanks, guys! - brilliant ideas! & Clover gets mine too!!

    Go, Clover!