Sunday, July 4, 2010

We have 'Oil' on our hands

(Photos: Greenpeace USA 2010, Flickr)
* Why do we continue putting in orders for 'Oil' when we can see all too clearly the devastation that our addiction has wreaked?

* What will it take to persuade Australian governments to quit this obsessive committment to 'Oil'?

* Why are we contemplating drastic road building projects just so motorists can enjoy short term speedy travel into the city?

* Why don't we remember that earlier 'drastic road building projects' never lasted, and always ended in tears with a huge debt for the taxpayer?

* Why aren't we concerned about 'sustainable development' & 'intergenerational equity'?

* What exactly is going to be left for our children?

* Why do we have to listen to the 'Oil-lovers' rubbish Clover Moore & her insightful urban transport initiatives?

* When are we going to repeal mandatory bicycle helmet laws?