Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ma vie et la bicyclette

Not only do I live and breathe bicycles, I even drink bicycles!!!!



  1. I know this one well from my Aussie days; it's one of my faves! Aaaah, home sick for alcohol, what a way to be :o)

  2. The other Bottle of Wine I know has a Bicycle Design is the Chilean Wine Cono Sur. There is also a South African Wine with a Stylized Bicycle and a Girl on it.

  3. What is hilarious is the fact that this Australian country lady is wearing a sensible hat, not a helmet!

    Well, I have a sunhat, a warm béret and other things I might wear on my head while cycling.

  4. lagatta à montréal: it's always the way in Australia - we never feature helmets in anything lovely because they spoil everything - of course we do if it's an 'icky' helmet ad!!