Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sydney - an exciting melting pot for cycling

As I chortled over Mike Carlton's weekend observation of 'Melbourne's aggressively blokey culture', I immediately let my mind wander to another unquestionably 'aggressively blokey culture' down there - Melbourne cycling.

'Once upon a time' their cycling was invaded by their blokes so consequently their infrastructure developed into a quasi last male bastion (akin to a 'Gentlemen's Club') - oh dear!

Refreshingly however, the converse is true in Sydney, and 'Melbourne's aggressively blokey culture' is clearly absent on our roads!!

With Clover at the helm, we, the Sydney masses, are not only madly embracing cycling, but also reclaiming 'traditional territory of cars & trucks' so that we really can beetle around everywhere on our bikes!! - it's truly brilliant!!

...& our 'blokes' are sharing!!!

...and you know what else??...we're ever so non-compliant!!!

...aaahhh! Sydney - so liberated, so chic!!!


  1. Hi Sue,

    Very nice!

    Did any of you get hassled by passing police in either Sydney or Melbourne when you're cycling there?

    I've been hassled by police TWICE in as many days in Brisbane - they use the loudspeaker in their car to yell out at me (but they don't actually do anything else). I'd rather they just got out of their cars and gave me a ticket if it is so bloody important to be wearing a helmet!


    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Paul, you seem to get a rough deal!!!

    - the police who pass me in Sydney (& Melbourne too) have been pretty cool!

    - in fact on the day I purchased my beautiful dutch bicycle, as I was waiting for lights just near Redfern Police Station, a passing copper commented on how lovely it was!

    - I replied that I'd only just walked out the shop with it! (hastily adding 'after paying for it of course')

    - he laughed; and then the lights went green...

    I think your 'city' police sound like they need to lighten up a bit!