Monday, April 26, 2010

The Coffee Bike

My bicycle knows no bounds!!!!

Last week, we were 'picnic-ing' & 'reading the papers' & 'siesta-r-ing' in the fabulous Camperdown Memorial Park, Newtown, when one of my equally fabulous children disappeared momentarily to re-appear some time later with four coffees!!!

Oh the joy of coaster brakes and friendly offspring!!...

...and needless to mention, an amazing dutch bicycle!


  1. Hi Sue,

    That would be hard to do on a racing/mountain bike! How very civilised.

    More police approached me today while I was cycling at walking speed: "No helmet? You're going to have to walk it". So I did, until they were out of view, and then continued on my merry way. While they were 'chatting' to me, two skateboarders, 1 rollerblader and two scooters went past and none of them had helmets!

    I really believe that they see me and think, 'First no helmet; next it will be anarchy! - gotta nip that in the bud early!'

    I don't think they could be bothered with the paperwork - hence no ticket - so as long as I 'walk it' until they're out of view they think they've done society a service!

    I've just read 'Bicycle Helmets: A Scientific Evaluation' (Curnow, W. J., 'Transportation Accident Analysis and Prevention', 2008 Ch 6, pp139-175) and all I can say is... how on earth can they justify these mandatory helmet laws! Unbelievable.

    At best, bicycle helmets do nothing at all, and at worst, they actually do more harm (both directly and indirectly). I didn't realise that they states received increased road funding if they agreed to implement mandatory helmet laws! Wow, bribery... nice.


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. ...which is why I tried to involve Kevin Rudd in this debate right from the start given that Bob Hawke was largely responsible for our existing state-enacted restrictions

    - interestingly, I have not heard a peep from Kev!

  3. Love this :) This is why I need coaster brakes on my bike.

    Paul, that sounds awful. How frustrating.

  4. Hey! Dottie! lovely to touch base!

    ...& amazingly it was Paul above who put me on to you!!!