Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter boats & bonnets

(photos: Querida David)
(photos: Querida David)
"Oh, I could write a sonnet about our Easter bonnets
And of the crew I'm taking to the Easter parade

To the Lake we'll go
Round Glenbawn we will row
The photographer will snap us
And then we'll be seen
In this smart blogo-zine!"

(apologies to Irving Berlin)

...first, a dawn cycle ride to the pick-up point, then a beautiful row on Lake Glenbawn, followed by brekkie at "Canter Restaurant", and then a glorious autumn-day cycle ride home - could life be more heavenly?

...enjoy the chocolate festivities!


  1. Sue, turns out you and I have more in common that we knew: good to see another cycling rower out on the water! How I miss rowing and sculling on Sydney harbour, what an incredible place it was to learn the way of the water. Sadly, my rowing these days is on the considerably more murkey and considerably colder river Thames: just doesn't really compare!!


  2. Sydney Harbour v The Thames! - what a concept! - definitely know where I'd rather be rowing!!!!