Sunday, April 18, 2010

Memo from Clover & we can smell the roses!

No matter what the 'Doom & Gloom Sayers' are saying, cycling numbers are growing in Sydney - exponentially, and universally across the city demographic board!!! - no kidding! - and without doubt our visionary Lord Mayor is leading this charge to provide us with safer transport alternatives (we love Clover, go Clover!)

Clover is classic, and understands that it is imperative 'alternative transport avenues' are widely provided because they tick all the necessary boxes... know, boxes like...

* the 'affordable' box
* the 'healthy' box
* the 'convenient' box

...just for starters!

In fact, according to Clover's latest memo...


"...the surveys of our new Alexandria cycleways recorded increases in cycling during morning and evening peak times over a four week period in February. The number of cyclists increased by 36 percent at the Bourke and Bowden Street intersection and by 26 percent at the Bourke and Doody Streets intersection.

A total of 439 cyclists were counted at the two intersections across a six hour period. 250 bikes were counted at the Bourke and Doody Street intersection, averaging 41 bikes per hour. The number for Bourke and Bowden Streets was 189 bikes, averaging 32 bikes per hour.

These results show that our communities recognise the important role cycling plays to help to reduce congestion, cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of City life. They support our work for a bicycle-friendly city, where people of all ages can safely use bicycles for enjoyment and as a sustainable transport choice."

======================================= stop giggling, Holland & Denmark, this is great news for us (!!!) even if somewhat overdue - we have our 'Jeanne d'Arc' now!!!

Clover has it all worked out and we're as happy as pigs in mud - she and her team report that...


"...over the next 15 years, Sydney faces a 23 percent growth in traffic, which will cost Australian tax payers $7.8 billion per annum. Making cycling and walking viable and attractive alternatives will relieve pressure on congested roads and provide an alternative to the already congested network."


Impressively she waits for no government as she leads the way, and for that we will always thank her...thank you, Clover!

Grab a map and go and see for yourselves the amazing 'separated-cycleway' constructions that are currently happening in the CBD, Pyrmont, and from Woolloomooloo to Green Square!!!

This liberating infrastructure is for all of us, whether we're young or old, female or male, scantily clad or romantically clad - she's including us all in the big, happy, urban travel plan!

It's universal; she wants us all to join in; and she's clearly inviting us all to do so.

Go, Clover!!!!

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  1. Wow.... it was a lie:
    Not all Pollies are the same!

    a relief...