Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Brisbane Campaigner campaigns!

Photos: Paul Martin
Dr Paul Martin, anti-helmet law advocate, specialist anaesthetist, and now post-card campaigner, has been 'placing' his share of the campaign postcards in and around Brisbane - grateful thanks!!; sterling effort!!; invaluable stuff!!

STOP PRESS (from Paul):
"I've placed many postcards on the windows of commuters who park on the outskirts of Brisbane and then ride in. They tend to be the 'racing-type' but you never know! I have also given them out to many receptive female cyclists around town. They all seem very interested."

Go, Paul, & keep on inviting everyone to think about the mandatory helmet law matter (how did we ever let MHLs slip through to the keeper?)

...but upwards and onwards, and with people like Paul on board, the anti-helmet law message inexorably spreads throughout Australia!!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! for Dr Paul Martin!!!


  1. Thanks Sue; very kind words. It is a fight worth maintaining.

    I have found the most receptive people to be:
    - women
    - young cyclists
    - old cyclists

    The least receptive seem to be the middle-aged cyclists (male & female) in their racing gear. I think that is a great shame as they are 1) the most vocal group, and 2) the largest group.

    As the law doesn't affect this group (they wear helmets already), they don't really care enough to fight it, but they should.

    Nobody is saying that helmets should be banned, just that we should have a CHOICE - they can still wear theirs if they wish, but it is unfair to force this issue on others particularly given the weak case for the effectiveness of bicycle helmets.


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. spot on! - I completely agree with you