Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cheese & Helmets - a convenient symbiosis

It's time for a little bit of reciprocity!

Given that both the nations of New Zealand & Australia have been blighted by ridiculous cheese and helmet restrictions, it is heartening to see that the Kiwis are about to change all that in the 'cheese' arena - 'au revoir' pasteurisation!!

"The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has adopted new production standards for raw milk products that allow them to be made locally. It is also preparing new animal health standards which could allow importation of raw milk products such as cheeses within weeks."

...and it seems these fabulous raw milk cheeses will soon:

"flood into Australia as foods permitted for sale in one country can be traded between Australia and New Zealand"

- omg! cheese that tastes like cheese!!!!

Now if the Kiwi camp can galvanise Food Standards Australia New Zealand to work on 'changes for Australian food regulations', then I think its only fair that the Aussie camp take the initiative to galvanise Australian State Governments to work on 'changes for Australian road regulations' so that fabulous cycling practices can 'flood' into New Zealand as road regulations permitted for use in one country are often 'traded between' New Zealand & Australia!!! - yes??? - an eqivalent equation??

There's no doubt about it; the 1990s were dark, dark days for food and cycling - blandness & helmets - groan!

Notwithstanding our restrictive cheese practices are about to change!!!'on, Aussies, com'on com'on!!! - au revoir mandatoy helmet laws!!!

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