Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Operator! Operator!

One of the best things I've ever purchased is my black vinyl raincoat, which I bought one very damp Copenhagen day. For the past 2 weeks I haven't been out of it, and with it I have somehow managed to remain reasonably 'soggy-free' in this exceptionally wet end of Autumn.

Notwithstanding my fab mac, I must admit I'm so grateful that both the weather & police were so lovely on our Punk Commute Day!!!

...which reminds me: time is running out for the Office of Minster for Roads & Ports!

12 days ago at the end of the Punk Commute on the steps of our Parliament House, the Hon. John Ajaka MLC, and Mr Lance Northey, Senior Media Advisor, undertook in front of us Punk Commuters that they would call me over the next couple of weeks to arrange the logistics for a meeting with me & a small delegation & the minister in order for us to discuss the 'revocation' of mandatory helmet law...


It was all so promising - we even touched upon whether I would be happy if the law was changed for adults but not for under 18s!!!

Of course I said I wanted it revoked for everyone given that Australian parents were more than capable of raising their own children without various governments & government bodies breathing down their necks, but I did concede that I understood their position, and it certainly was a step forward... where are they now?...& where have they been for the past 2 weeks? - I've been clutching my little phone continuously...&...'rien'...


Their self-stipulated time is nearly over...but I'm certainly not - so come Monday I'll be back on the blower in full incessant force!!!

Operator! Operator!!!!


  1. Why always 18? Why not 14, 10?

  2. Sue, have you seen our excellent recycling program here in Queensland?

    100% recycled material and no new additives...

    We really are being played.

  3. Go Freedom Cyclist...

    5 1/2 years working alongside a Council Road Safety Officer, sitting on the bike committee - watching the hierarchy's response:

    "We are doing something for cyclists - we ran a safety program"

    They are blowing away our rates and taxes for something that we don't want, increases the dangers to us so that they can avoid putting real investment into cycling infrastructure.

    Fortunately, some government agencies are listening and acting but the helmet program is still, for many, a soft option when it comes to "helping" cycling.

  4. 1st anonymous - exactly, I agree with your sentiments entirely leaving us really at the point of 'why any age at all?' - I say let the legal carers make the decision and let's keep the police free of this whole issue!!!

    Paul - we certainly are!!!! - & (massive favour about to be begged) will you come with me when we finally get a date for 'small delegation & minister meeting'? - pretty please?

    2nd anonymous - thank you, & I can completely understand your frustrations at the blatant hi-jacking that has gone on for so long - it truly is outrageous.

  5. Sue, have you seen the latest medibank private electronic ad?, Man riding a bike no helmet and smiling. If you need a copy I have one.

  6. Ironically enough, although I live in the Land O' Vinyl I swear by my Australian made Driza-Bone oilskin riding coat.

  7. Sue,

    Absolutely! I'll be there. Best weekday for me is a Monday and I also am free on weekends so we could make a long-weekend of it!

    I'll borrow a nice old black omafiets and I'll be riding in a suit :)



  8. Andrew! - that would be wonderful - I'd love a copy! - thanks!

    kfg, so here we are living in different Lands, extolling the virtues of each other's coats - ha! ha! - funny!

    ...but even though I think driza-bones are pretty cool too, it's the 'Carnaby Street Feel' my black vinyl mac gives me that I really love!!!

    Paul! brilliant! - it's a date - I'll try and tee up a Monday - and re suit; perfect!

  9. Thanks Freedom cyclist for your work.

    I notice the research on reduced cycling rates is predominantly quantitative.

    I have a theory that cycling is a preventative for bullying in that it teaches vulnerability to potential bullies.

    Further, helmet laws are likely to specifically put bullies off bikes and has thus increased the likelihood of malicious attacks on cyclists due to association of cyclists as "the other".

    I have discussed my theory with people in positions of policy making and govt funding.

    Do you know of any qualitative research confirming the theory?