Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear Minister, can you meet us? Kind regards, 3 VIPs (aka voters)

Photos: Garry Weicks, NSW Parliament House)

REQUEST: meeting with the Hon. Duncan Gay MLC, Minister for Roads & Ports

ACTION: email written & despatched to the Office of Minister for Roads & Ports



So now we await anxiously for news (any) of promised meeting flagged to Punk Commuters by the Hon. John Ajaka MLC on the occasion of the Inaugural Punk Commute.

Once our 'delegation' is allocated an appointment for a ministerial meeting, we intend to persuade the NSW elected representatives that the time has finally come for Australian governments:

1. To finally quit throwing our good money after their bad research


2. To finally acknowledge that mandatory helmet laws have never been equipped to deliver a 'Magician's Mantle of Safety' for people who use bicycles, no matter how much they (politicians, helmet manufacturers, helmet promoters, SAI Global, & various medical practitioners) all wished (&/or prayed) that they (bicycle helmet laws) would.


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