Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antipodeans suffer from 'cycling phobia'

The anthem to cycling safety has been catchy in Australia but after 20 years of singing from the same old song-sheet, the edges have got extremely tatty.

Evidently it's time for Australian politicians to splash out & update the Australian hymnal.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world (bar New Zealand) remains baffled by our cycling phobia and our attendant dogged determination to remain helmeted in the face of...what?'s sure...

...except us...


...deep down...

...we're the only ones that can see the true 'night-terror' of mind boggling, goblin-lurking, death-defying cycling danger - aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!...(& kiwis can too!)


  1. Sadly the UK is gripped by fears of terrible cycling danger too. The "it must be a good idea" brigade ensure that enough people wear polystyrene hats that the others think that cycling needs them because it's dangerous. Probably not helped by the "mountain bike" craze that revels in the dangers of off-road cycling.

    Normal every-day cycling isn't dangerous at all, but motor traffic most certainly is (in the UK motor traffic kills eight or nine innocent people every day!). Where people are forced to cycle in amongst dangerous motor traffic, people are scared of cycling - and with good reason too.

  2. Fonant, great to hear from you - remember say 'no' always to mandatory bicycle helmet laws!!!! - fight it on all counts - absolutely paramount that they're never enacted otherwise you'll end up like us - tubby & scared!

    What's wrong with with ridiculous governments who think bicycle helmets are the first and last words in cycling safety?

  3. British Cycling is running a new initiative to try and get more women riding. I'd join up as a leader but all they can focus on is bloody helmets:

  4. You're amazing. Thank you for fighting!