Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Eternal Holding Pattern

So the Hon. Dunk gave me a bell today - well, actually someone from his office did - and the long and the short of the conversation was that he can't meet me but his Parliamentary Secretary can!!!!

...sigh...but I've done that meeting already, and got the 't-shirt'!!!...

"What exactly would be the point?" (I asked his lovely young-sounding advisor)

"I want to change the law not chat about it interminably" I continued

"I feel fobbed off"

"You're just keeping me in a 'holding pattern'"

"How can his diary be so full that there's no flexibility to insert matters of importance?"

...big breath in by beleaguered diarist & I was politely informed that very important & key industry leaders meet Parliamentary Secretaries often...

"They obviously have too much time on their hands - I want this law changed in my lifetime"



  1. "key industry leaders meet Parliamentary Secretaries"

    If you ever wondered who really runs the country, well, now you know. Time to slip a copy of Yes Minister into tho ol' DVD player, bang your head against the table and laugh through the pain.

  2. kfg, - it's an option!!!

    - we have numpties running our political shows, and we, Aussies, don't seem to mind...'she'll be right mate' is definitely the order of the day 'Down Under' - sigh

  3. I have a lot of sympathy with your views especially in a hot climate like yours; however I have even more sympathy with those who would have to look after you if you were injured in an accident. I know how hard this is because I have a blind and severely brain damaged 19-year old daughter, so trust me on this one. I also have more sympathy with your family and friends who would be grieving for you if you were killed. You would be better of campaigning for traffic-free routes or designated cycle paths on roads.