Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"You've already won me over"

What is it with the Australian media and their utter commitment to whatever persuasion of helmets are on offer?

Fran, Fran, Fran, why did you let Dr Donovan off so lightly during brekkie this morning particularly when he sounded so shaky?...and exactly who are Sports Medicines Australia (SMA)? - why should we be impressed? - sounded like an industry group such as Big Pharma or even Big Helma, most likely both!!

But back to you, Fran & the ABC, why did you give us this blatant helmet advertisement with our croissants & coffee - you're supposed to be 'ad-free' (the ABC that is) - even Dr Donovan had to concede that head injuries were 'not really more'!!!

So what's the go? - & excuse me, since when have high profile deaths provided 'sufficient research and clinical evidence' to call for a law as opposed to...what...low profile deaths?...& whilst I'm asking this tonne of questions, what exactly does the 'protective effects of ski helmets have been more than proven' mean? - can something really be more than proven?

Oh & yawn! yawn! yawn! - we had this 'same old, same old commercial' in June 2009 - BORING!

Give us a break! - but anyway now that Fran & the ABC have given SMA a bit of airplay I'm guessing we all rushed off to check them out!...

...don't SMA's partners seem familiar? - faded family photo-album familiar!

My, doesn't the logo of DJO Global (formerly Donjoy Orthopaedics Pty Ltd) resemble that of SAI Global - are they related? - does anyone know?

...& me oh my, don't these SAI Global & DJO Global (formerly Donjoy Orthopaedics) companies get around? - fancy SAI, almost a rellie of our little bicycle helmet law, & DJO, obviously a rellie of SMA, being involved with so many important tenders - omnipresent one might say!!!!

But why are we barracking for more helmets when other countries around the world are recognising the potential catastrophic consequences of helmet wearing. In March this year, a bipartisan bill was introduced into Congress intending to prevent concussion and other serious brain injuries among high school and youth football players as well as increase penalties for promoting helmet sales using injury prevention claims.

Misleading marketing claims and the fact that helmet industry standards do not address concussion prevention or reduction have long been high-lighted by seasoned anti-helmet law campaigners here in Australia. But our government will not listen to our concerns about 'fraudulent safety claims' & wanton safety washing?

No way, they say - not on your nellie!

WAKE UP, AUSTRALIA! - why aren't we doing the same as the rest of the world?




  1. God yes. I listened to this interview live and almost choked on my cornflakes. Fran Kelly used to terrorise politicans with her questioning but she pretty much assembled a virtual soapbox for this guy to preach his fearmongering. Unbelievable stuff. We are so beholden to the cult of the helmet that even our most experienced journos go along for the ride.

  2. Utterly infuriating - why this love-fest with 'nanny-state-enforcers'? Are the media sponsored by bicycle helmet promoters too?

    ...definitely 'choking on cornflakes material'!!!

  3. Slightly off-topic, but on-topic at the same time...did you see New Inventors a week or so ago where a man brought along a semi-recumbent bike? Him and one of the hosts gave them a test-ride around the studio AND found the need to put on a helmet each to keep the viewers "happy". I was almost sad to view this on my favourite channel.
    We'll be encouraged to "helmet-up" and "pop on" reflective vests just to enter a bicycle shop soon. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    Jason from Tassie :)

  4. Jason, it certainly has gone beyond ridiculous! - in fact it's utterly depressing that so few of us notice the blatant commercialism underpinning this whole sorry affair!

  5. You think you've got problems? The good old BBC in the UK has been running a propaganda campaign for 20 years, and despite hundreds if not thousands of complaints, refuses to implement its own guidelines on impartiality. In 20 years they've never had an unbiased article on helmets, and the latest is at

    There is currently another bill before parliament to make cycling without a helmet a crime, and according the BBC guidelines, this means that the highest level of impartiality and balance must be observed, but having complained, they've done the precise square root of bugger all.

    They refuse to even contemplate mentioning Sue Abbot. Please tell me that the Australian media reported her victory?