Sunday, June 5, 2011

The' Great Australian Ugliness' done in our name

I am ashamed of current xenophobic trends that permeate our lives in Australia. The above advertisement was embedded in my local paper last week.

What has Australia come to?

Do I really want to live here anymore? - perhaps I should re-evaluate my 'much-sought-after' spot & actual needs for it. Clearly there are plenty of other folk who would cherish it - so maybe I should free it up & return to Europe!

...yet notwithstanding the outcome of my decision whether I stay or not stay, or who I vote for, or how many letters I write, or how many times I protest loudly, recent government discussions with Malaysian authorities indicate a perpetual disregard for human rights. This 'Great Australian Emptiness' continues to brutally align itself to the 'Great Australian Ugliness' clearly depicted in Patrick White's "Prodigal Son" essay written upon his return to Australia over 50 years ago...

...nothing has changed & it still continues to be done... our name...

I'm so ashamed.


  1. In Germany this would rightly be called Stasi methods.
    The Stasi being the infamous secret service of the Eastern Germany dictatorship, which had on in ten citicens in their ranks as informers spying on other people for them!
    Hope you Aussies don't start killing people trying to leave their country for someplace less oppressive, as they did.