Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is all that's left of our 3 bikes!!!

Somewhere between the hours of 23:00hrs yesterday and 08:00hrs today some little bolt-cutting toe-rag snipped through our padlocks, and ferretted away our wheels into some grubby 'get-away' van - SCUMBAGS!!!!

♥ My beautiful Electra Amsterdam Tree of Life Serial Number: SG 902 437 - GONE

♥ Hubbie's 'uber' practical Breeza Uptown 8 - last year's treasured Christmas pressie from me - GONE

♥ Prodigal daughter's funky Giant Via - last year's treasured Christmas pressie from us - GONE

Naturally I've reported everything to the Police, and whilst we're all agreed it's somewhat of a long shot 'getting-them-back', a glimmer of hope is held that my bike may be retrieved given its outrageously 'out-there' showy nature...

...sniff...I miss it so much...sniff...

Far out, Sydney, we're getting bicycle culture!!!!


  1. Oh no! sorry to hear it. I hope they catch the bastards and you get them back!

  2. Thank you, Henry!!! - me too!!!! - I'm totally gutted - sigh

  3. Sue. I'm really sorry to hear this but as you say, perhaps this is a sign of a real bicycle culture emerging if practical utility bikes are on thieve's shopping lists!

    I hope they are returned soon. It's not nice having a bicycle stolen :(

  4. I'm so sorry Sue. Must be painful for you and family, Crossing my fingers that you get them back.

  5. I've never had one stolen. it must be horrible.

    I usually use Bromptons so they go everywhere with me.

  6. Sue, thats a rotten thing to happen and must be leaving you with a bad feeling.
    I always fear this and keep spare bikes but its no good loosing your favourite.
    I've been beaten to the philosophical response. That it might mean that we are developing a bike concious culture.
    Beautiful bikes like yours are no longer on junk piles here.
    I am sure we will all keep our eyes open for anything.

  7. This is appalling news. You will have read that the same thing happened to Mikhael Colville-Andersen recently. The power of social media brought his Bullitt bike back to him so you never know. You have quite a following.

  8. So sorry to hear about this Sue. I would be crying buckets.

    I think Paul's comment is interesting though - who would have thought that a utility bike would have been stolen only a few years ago? You couldn't even find them in shops anywhere in Australia practically.

    Good luck and fingers crossed that you'll get it back.


  9. Hi Sue,

    Paul from gazelle Bikes here. I'm sorry to hear about your bikes. I hope you get them back. If you need any new bike I would be happy to sell you a new bike at cost to help.
    :) Paul.

  10. I am so sorry to read about your loss. I saw your post on sydney cyclst and saw the link to here. I have seen you riding around Newtown before and remember your bike. I will keep my eyes peeled for it and hope they are found.

  11. Everybody, your remarks have made me feel so much better!!!! - thank you - and thanks for keeping an eye out whether in Newtown / Sydney / Melbourne / Cyberland - just brilliant & maybe...?!!!! never know...they or one might turn up (& if it can only be one, please let it be mine!!!)

    ...& Gazelle Paul, that is so lovely - thank you - I may take you up!!

  12. I've had one bike stolen, a Zeus Professional taken right out of my house. Had to be someone who had the bike marked and watched for that split second opportunity, thus someone I knew.

    They hung horse thieves, didn't they? Whatever happened to that?

    My thoughts are with you and yours at your loss.

  13. Sue - Incredibly sorry for your familys' loss!

    Thing is - I bet it wouldn't have happened if you'd all been helmet wearers! (What's one more utterly ridiculous helmet based claim thrown on the fire).

  14. Oh, Sue, that's terrible news! We'll be keeping our eyes peeled of course... even repainted an electra has a pretty distinct shape.

    I know i'd be more than a little upset if anyone took my girl. I'm going to be very careful where i lock mine up from now on... Also I have to say i'll be more than a little concerned about being mistaken for a bike thief, what with our twin bikes! :)

  15. J-bot - you could never be mistaken for a bike thief!!!! - treasure that special twin!! xx

  16. Oh Sue! I'm coming late to the party here, but I'm so sorry to hear your news. Make sure you keep on at the Police - they do need to follow this up. Print out the pictures and take them round all the local bike shops to notify them of what your bikes are like in case someone tries to sell them to you.
    There used to be a guy who sometimes sold stolen second hand bikes by the basketball courts on Dowling Street in Woolamaloo (This was about 4 years ago mind!) Might be worth a walkabout, or go check out wherever stolen bikes are sold at market these days.
    Tell all your friends, keep blogging and tweeting about it and hopefully someone will spot your bikes - they're pretty hot stuff so hopefully easy to spot and difficult to sell on. Good luck!

  17. Thanks, Mark! - yes we were gutted, & now I find myself checking all black bikes and white bikes with or without riders! Good advice re popping into police and checking up on any progress!

    ...needless to mention the 3 of is have had to get replacements because there's no way we could manage without them - all very tedious & unnecessary - still as one of my mates said 'just think there'll be 6 bikes on the road now instead of 3'!!

  18. Wow good description if they end up here in Redfern (not a comment on race but a real possibility , will take to Nick or Adam at Cheeky Transport , great idea blogging better than a thousand "stolen " signs
    Adam Dot. East Sydney Cycle Tech