Monday, May 30, 2011

For a child of globalisation, look to Australian bicycle helmet law

Such an infantile progeny who refusesd to grow-up, & who single-handedly pushed women off their bicycles into their cars!!

Enough of:

$$$ 'bottom lines' v 'civil liberties'

$$$ 'spin' v 'evidence'

$$$ 'safety-washing' v 'fact'

$$$ 'pragmatism' v 'action'

$$$ 'cowardice' v 'bravery'


BUT most of all, enough of 'political meekness'; it can only cultivate 'political procrastination' & 'political inaction'.

Time to 'rock the boat' don't you think?

...& all things considered, it's unlikely we'll get thrown off anyway.


  1. I'm starting to think it's just pig-headedness now. There is an article in the Age about the lack of success of the Melbourne bike share scheme. Look at the comments. Practically all of them hit the nail on the helmeted head:

  2. tedious & predictable - what will it take?

    Still, I have an appointment pending to meet Minister for Roads soon and preparing very brief submission (slightly more grown-up version than Punk Commute one!) for him. Also in throes of thinking about my defence for looming court case...


    In fact quite looking forward to it! - oh dear! do I need to get a life? - sigh