Thursday, June 2, 2011

Affaire-de coeur: Australia & authority

#*! Why do railway staff have to dress like para-militaries?

#*! Why do railways have flags?

#*! Why are they flown alongside national & state ones?

#*! Why do railways waste money on licences to broadcast woeful surround-sound station music when there are so many talented buskers?


  1. I suppose we should be thankful that railway staff can wear more than one colour. Australia Post staff who deliver mail on mopeds are now dressed from head to toe as yellow textas.

  2. "Why do railways have flags?"

    Because they are nations.

    "Why are they flown alongside national & state ones?"

    To psycologically prepare you for the day when they take down the flags of the nation state.

    "there are so many talented buskers?"

    Why thank you.

  3. Something to think about. Only 35 years ago it was illegal to busk in Melbourne. When you think about it now, thats amazing, but it does have a familiar ring to it.

  4. Edward & Peter, our nation is too daft for words!!! - occasionally words fail me

    kfg, I'd LOVE to hear you play - Central Station would be all the better for it!!!!

  5. There was a post on Copenhagenize about some group who visits schools advocating for kids to wear "hi-viz" capes in traffic. I'm talking about pedestrians here - not cyclists. Needless to say, Mikael was (rightly) agin them.

    My first thought was - wait until Australian safety bureaucrats get hold of this. Hi-vis capes will be part of the uniform for every state school, and it will be mandatory for every kid to wear one when travelling to and from school.