Monday, June 27, 2011

'Mention' today - 'Defended Hearing' in 2 weeks

Matter mentioned today in the Scone Local Court - set down for Defended Hearing (Monday 11 July)...which means 2 weeks to prepare 'killer' defence with 'Necessity' starring in the lead role

Academics continue to 'ping-pong' from one academic study to next...which only leaves me ready to ask a string of quezions.

$$$ If this new study is the most comprehensive analysis of hospital data yet, why did the authors omit data pertaining to age and gender of cyclists?

$$$ How is it that new schools and institutes 'pop-up' & 'close' when conveniently required (take for example the UNSW School of Risk & Safety Sciences which only recently claimed to be 'Australia's largest & most research intensive university school' yet by December 2010 had closed 'in response to realignment of strategic focus within the same faculty of science')???

The authors of this latest study concede findings are based largely on assumptions which just ain't good enough when you're dealing in curtailing folks' civil liberties...

In fact in the words of Australia's Chief Scientist there is:

'no place for deliberate misinterpretation of data either by expert or by commentator'

& it's ever so...

'easy to make a dollar or two being the instant expert on everything and substituting decibels for substance.'

in addition to the fact that...

'...most (scientists) would also say that it is extremely rare for the experimental sciences to prove something rather than to reach a view that is beyond reasoanable doubt'

Interesting article in New York Times today on Europe's approach to cars and their urban landscapes - talk about 'poles apart'! - if our own broadsheets did not so slavishly report across the media their self-interested acceptance of helmet proponents' media releases, perhaps our politicians might feel compelled to consider the actual law juxtaposed against the limited evidence available.


Notwithstanding missing t'other one immensely, getting used to new bike above!!

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