Monday, November 1, 2010

Behind paternalism is political complicity

(young Berlin couple, free of bicycle helmet laws)

Australian governments have an inability to recognise that the dream of holistic cycling safety, currently veiled by mandatory helmet requirements, is an impossibility.

Consequently the inability to accept that they are wrong has resulted in continued adherence to flawed policy, and diminished civil rights.

Such blinkered political behaviour is gravely problematic, and reveals blatant injustice.

Maybe the Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Chris Hedges is on the money with his comments on 'the power elite' in "Zero point of systemic collapse":

"...appealing to their better nature or seeking to influence the internal levels of power will no longer work" until I come up with a better plan...

I defy injustice and,

I refuse to surrender to the vast commercial enterprise of bicycle helmet laws and,

I resist the wilful abuse of my civil liberties and,

I won't wear a helmet!!

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