Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bicycle Film Festival pushes off!

Take 1 'Bicycle Film Festival' and add 1 'me'...

Mix together, et voilĂ ...


Last night, it was @Home Digital Eskimo, for interesting 'Brainstrust Presentation...cycling culture - do we need one?

Tonight, it was @Home Beresford Hotel, for fab start to the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival...opening night parties - do we need them (hell yes!!!)

So what have we got so far - any developing trends ? - hmmmn...let me see:

* chilled champagne

* oodles of bicycles

* cool-dude films

* cool-dude BFF 'goers'

Funtimes! Funtimes! Funtimes!

...moreover it's happening all week!!! Get your tickets and come on down!!!!

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