Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Ad Hominem" helmet article!

(These police have got better things to do...)

(...than worry about her...)

(...or him)

Sigh! I think I've been noticed in my town gauging from last week's local paper which quoted sentiments from local police inspector, supported by those from local bureaucratic 'Pooh-Bah', RTA, handful of ambos, and unsurprisingly 'now' eminent RPA ED researchers - in fact Uncle Tom Cobley & All!!!!


'all riders, amateur or experienced, are vulnerable when cycling on any road environment, making it very important to protect their head from damage'

- no kidding!

- get away!!!

But what I would like to know is why aren't motorists being urged to be involved in this great 'protection' initiative? They are by far the most important people in protecting cyclists' heads, and definitely the most effective.

So...anyone fancy a spot of 'letter-writing' to the "Scone Advocate" just to add some new spice to the mix? (I think they already have the 'heads-up' on what I'm going to say!!)

Your on-line comments and/or emails ( could lend some weight to the discourse in 'Our Town'!!!!

Thanks in anticipation...& good night & good luck!


  1. Letter sent... :)

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. That article the "Scone Advocate" is farcical, the woman shown isn't even wearing the helmet properly. She is increasing her risk of injury, in the event of a fall, not reducing it, fortunately the risk is very small.

  3. Forget the motorists Sue. The risk of firearm murder is even higher than that for cycling fatalities.

    Surely if cyclists have to wear helmets for 30-40 deaths per year, its about time the government legislated for mandatory bullet proof vests to stop the 40-50 murder victims.

  4. Thank you, Paul - your letter was brilliant - an absolute winner!!!! x

    Ha! Ha! Kim, we noticed that too, but as you so correctly surmised the risk of her falling is small

    Dave, your suggestion certainly fits within 'standard-public-good-parameters' - bullet proof vest manufacturers should start lobbying

  5. Odd how the "Scone Advocate" hasn't published any comments yet, I know they have had some...

  6. There are a few comments up now :)

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  7. Awwww! guys! thank you!

    - and keep the letters coming for next week's edition of the paper as well.

    The Scone Advocate is a 'weekly' & comes out on Thursdays but the deadline for contributions is noon the preceeding Tuesday.

  8. Dear Sue,

    I love the work you are doing on your blog, and I share your views on cycling. Publications like your own have given us valuable insights on how cycling can (or: should) be approached. Thanks for that. A bit of background on myself: I am a Dutchman (I have never worn a helmet), I lived in Amsterdam, and I moved to Dublin, Ireland in January this year. My girlfiriend is setting up a small bike business, I write a blog on bikes.

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    * Minister Eamon Ryan:
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    Apart from the Classy Commute item, our posts focus on (for example) stylish cycling (see our post on sytlish traffic signs), new bike products (read about our test ride on the urban arrow), or the people of Dublin (see the portraits at the Bernard Shaw pub). I think our stories on Dublin might also be of interest to your readers.

    Yours truly,


  9. Philip, I've only just picked up your lovely post from my spam box!!!!...and yes I'd love to link your blog to mine - go you guys, sounds wonderful!!