Sunday, October 31, 2010

"I still call Australia home!"

( fixie at our place - cherished by 'another')

I'm ba-ack! - and have cycled straight into the friendly street banter I've come to know and love (??)...

1. "where's your fucking helmet?"


2. "why don't you get a fucking car?"

...I just couldn't resist pitching the following reply to querulous young lads near Central Station last night, in answer to Q.1.,

- 'they're for sissies like you'

...boy! did they burr up!!!!!

Disappointingly, no chance to deliver an answer to Q.2. though, as that came from 'impossibly-young-driver' in 'impossibly-expensive-german-car' as he whizzed past my 'inside' in Macquarie Street!

Funtimes "Down Under"!


  1. Why does the fixed wheel bike have a back brake?

  2. ..and thanks for you posts these last few weeks. They made me feel quite envious of the cycling life in Europe and how depressing it can feel arriving back home in Ozz.

    My favourite was when riding to school with my 6yo son, people would tap their head to indicate the fact that the little law breaker wasn't wearing a helmet. (he was on a scooter at the time, 5cm above sea level)

    Anyway, time for me to get off this bandwagon. Thanks again for your wonderful pics.



  3. ha! ha! wee folding bike, i've totally revealed my ignorance in such matters, haven't i? - but from what i can gather from 'precious son' bike had to be sold like that - would that be right?!'s a pleasure, Ian, & despite 'everything-australian-cycling', it's cool being home!!! - we're going to get there eventually, i just know it!!

  4. I don't know what the rules are there, I'm in Scotland. I was using a fixed wheel in the early '80s so the deeply fashionable factor is quite entertaining. We need a front brake on them but the fixed wheel counts as a back brake so there is no need for another.

    Of course I will be going to work on a Pashley Roadster tomorrow morning. It's quite fashionable too.

  5. Maybe the fixie has a reversable rear wheel: fixed hub on one side and freewheel on the other.

  6. Wow! so technical - I'll have to defer to the experts

    ...but, 'ceci n'est pas un display name', you could be right

    wee folding bike, a Pashley Roadster sounds fabulous!

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