Monday, November 29, 2010

'Nordic' Newtown

$$ Bicycle helmet laws are a classic case of scientific evidence being over-ruled & over-looked for political reasons.

$$ Bicycle helmet laws are delusional and way past their use-by date

$$ Bicycle helmet laws foster political inability to acknowledge what it would actually take for holistic cycling safety

$$ Bicycle helmet laws need revoking

$$...END OF STORY...


  1. If I may add one more point Sue:

    $$ Bicycle helmet laws are officially ruining Melbourne's bike share scheme AND costing taxpayers a mint.

  2. Good point, Etienne! & thanks for the depressing link!

    Why don't the powers that be get it?

    Why are we so incredibly arrogant in Australia?

    What makes us think we've got it right and everyone else has got it wrong?

    We suck!!!!!