Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roll up! Roll up! Xmas Bargains in Melbourne

(Popular Melbourne landmark)

(Popular Melbourne vending-machine)

(Zero helmets!)

(...but bikes galore)

(One version of 'where-to-get-helmet' map)

(Alternative version of same 'where-to-get-helmet' map)

(Popular Melbourne headgear)

(Popular Newtown headgear)

Helmets are going like hotcakes at discount 'vending' places in Melbourne!

Are they the latest 'must-have-Chrissie-pressie'?

Of course it would stand to reason given today's bargain prices!!!!!

Only $5 a pop - and can be later returned to friendly vendor for a $3 reimbursement - even if worn!

Who is ever going to spend up big again for a helmet? ...and you know what? There's an even more tickety-boo plus: the Melbourne ones meet the new commercial standard!!!! - although interestingly there's a differing of opinion in the SMH article where it's claimed these helmets have stretchy straps designed...

"to allow the helmet to come off a rider's head" opposed to the 'owner's manual' (attached to the helmets) which declares...

"it should not be possible to remove the helmet without unfastening the buckle"

...hmmmmn who to believe?

Anyway enough of this idle excessive consumerist chit-chat!

I tried the whole 'bikey-hirey' thing in Melbourne today, and loved it:

* sunny day

* comfy bike

* pretty dress

* wafty breeze in hair, &

* friendly U-turning police in Elizabeth Street who after some deliberation diverted their paddy wagon & left me to revel in my 'freedom of choice'!! xx

...ahhhhh! How lovely! - how super!


  1. Damn it Mum, now the family knows what they are getting for Christmas.

  2. What a joke this whole 'standard' business is... oh, yes, that's right... it is a *business* after all. To have a helmet tested by SAI Global (aka Standards Australia) it will set the importer back $20,000 AUD for each 'type'.

    Apparently all the old helmets are just fine to wear if you own one, but a criminal offence to sell one when the new standard comes into effect. How do you explain that to a child?

    All of this nonsense makes me want to opt out of this experiment... can we please focus on what makes cycling/walking safer (ie. remove cars).

    How on earth can they make such a device mandatory? It really is patronising to the extreme.


    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  3. And what will happen to the returned helmets if you can't resell them? I take it they will end up in landfill sites? We can't give them away to 3rd world countries - they aren't stupid enough to wear them. Well done Politicians, you have managed to turn the most environmentally friendly transport option into an ecological disaster.

  4. Oh dear, Pippi-darling, don't tell your brothers & sister!!!!

    Paul, the business of standards is most troubling indeed - as always, it's all about $$$$$!

    Gary, the landfill part of the helmet equation has always given me grief, and no politician I have ever raised this with has ever come up with a satisfactory answer - you're right about the continued political contribution to 'an ecological disaster' - so disappointing (sigh)

  5. Glad you enjoyed our wonderful vending machines Sue: chocolate bars, cans of coke, helmets, etc. Apparently the 7 Elevens sell the helmets too. No doubt a slurpee + helmet special offer is on the cards.

    By the way, policemen or women in cars usually just give you a dressing down for not wearing a helmet, but rarely ever issue a fine. It's the bike police you've got to watch out for.

  6. Etienne, I shall look forward to meeting the 'bike police' next time!!!!!