Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Eureka" Airport Cycling Moment

"Love miles" to Melbourne yesterday, and usual angst spent night before fretting about taxi turning-up (i) on-time or (ii) at-all...

EUREKA! - it suddenly dawned on me I should cycle!!!!!!

So I did! - 6kms from Newtown to Kingsford Smith - effortless and easy.

Googled airport beforehand to find out if there were bicycle parks...

...THERE WERE!!!! - & off I toodled!!!


Way to go, Sydney!!!


  1. I like your sticker - "safe without a helmet". Google translate told me what it means.

  2. Good for you SSH! I have often dreamed of doing the same,StKilda to Tulla.I googled the airport and they even have bicycle parking out there.Call me a wuss but the freeway would kill me! They canned the rail link idea 20 years ago so I reckon a bike path would be totally out of the question. Hope you have a pleasant ride home.



  3. Hey Anonymous, that's amazing with the 'google-translate' thing!!!

    Ian, it was so brilliant being in charge of my own airport transfer - just further contributes to my 'freedom-fest'!!

    ...and you're right! it would be nuts to cycle your freeway to Tullamarine right now but fantastic to do it on a cycleway - surely that's do-able?! Why can't one be put in? There's plenty of room!

    ...and thank you for your kind wishes - I certainly shall enjoy my ride home...unfettered freedom, unfettered bliss!!!

  4. Sue,
    I love the idea of a folding bike that tows a trailer, that is actually a suitcase. You have your clothes in a light foldable bag, in the trailer when you're riding the bike. Get to the airport and take out the clothes and put the folding bike in the suitcase. Check two bags in, and at the next airport take out the bike, put the clothes into the suitcase/trailer and away you go. (This combination of a suitcase that turns into a trailer does actually exist)

    And a helmet is one less thing to carry. :-)

  5. That's great Sue!

    I am yet to find any bicycle parking (ie. for people taking flights) at Brisbane Airport. It is easy to get to thanks to the train but difficult by bicycle.

    I would love to rock up to the Qantas Valet Parking with my bicycle! The problem is they wouldn't know what to do with it...


    Paul Martin

  6. MATT! ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR IDEA!!!! - brilliant!

    Paul, just do it!!!!!

  7. Tick to the fact that your bike didn't pass the weekend alone while it waited for you to come home. On the contrary, she (I assume it's a she but perhaps that is wrong of me) had not only one but a number of companions to discuss the facts of life and generally will away the time. It would have been horrible to have left her all on her lonesome in the cold.

  8. Pippi-lippi, it was also immensely exciting to realise that other people organise transfers to the airport by bicycle too - such a 'feel-good' discovery!!!!