Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Have bike will travel

The Brompton arrives in Newtown from Scone!

It just has to be the most perfect bicycle for Australian train travel conveniently fitting into a bag thus conveniently fitting into Countrylink's inconvenient parameters for bicycles!

Not for me the joys of a train without changing in Newcastle though - I'd have buckley's getting my bike into a bag - CityRail it'll still have to be!


  1. The Bromptons are simply fantastic. I took mine to KL earlier this year on an el-cheapo AirAsia flight. It folds up nicely and your ready to roll when the plane lands with minimum fuss. Malaysia as been underrated as a cycling destination but when you consider warm weather, sunny beaches, cheap and fantastic food, favourable exchange rate, what more could you ask for? Oh, and you can cycle sans helmet without any coppers hassling you. The message for Tourism Australia is: get your act together and lobby to repeal MHL if you want a share of the overseas tourists dollars for cycle tourism downunder.

  2. peng99, I couldn't agree with you more re Tourism Australia!!!!! - spot on!!! - & you've sold me Malaysia - sounds brilliant - now I'd better get one (Brompton) - maybe I'll get one for chrissy!

  3. I've got three.

    I'm not using one this week as there is some snow and ice here so it's time for my two wheel drive Longstaff tricycle

  4. Looking good, Richard! How are you guys?! Found this-

  5. Wow! lucky you, aedan!

    Roddy!!! - how's bonnie Scotland? - thanks for link & for dropping by!!!- sending tons of love to you & all the 'Fam' x