Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bicycle helmet laws prove Australian governments don't know best

Notwithstanding the whiff of unrealistic expectation, bicycle helmet laws offer no certainty of protection, and have patently failed to deliver on what they purportedly set out to do in the first place.

Yet basic gumption is missing at every bureaucratic level and no-one is prepared to tackle the problem 'head-on'.

Australian politicians should be asking themselves honestly whether bicycle helmet laws have been worth:

$$$ the money

$$$ the upkeep

$$$ the political capital invested in them

The honest answer would be 'NO'

Whilst mandatory bicycle helmet laws clearly say nothing about bicycle protection, they say a lot about us as a nation in that we're quick to react but glacial to reflect & evaluate constructively.

Sigh - just because we want to believe in the 'easter bunny' doesn't mean there is one!

(6 days left on my driver's licence)

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